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New Funding April 2024

New 2 year old funding entitlement

From April 2024 eligible working families will be entitled to 15 hours funded entitlement for 2 year olds. 

We anticipate demand for this being high, so it will be important to register interest early.

To check your eligibility and apply, please visit Childcare Choices. 

Funding entitlement and fees

Universal 3-year-old funding

If your child is aged 3 and over, they will be entitled to 15 hours universal funding from the term after their 3rd birthday.

For more information from the local authority please click here:

Universal funding

Extended Funding

Under government legislation some children are entitled to a further 15 hours funding taking the total up to 30 hours. This is based on the fulfilment of certain criteria.

For more information please click here:

Extended funding

2-year-old Funding

In some circumstances children may be entitled to 15 hours funding from the term following their 2nd birthday. In these instances, families will usually be contacted by local authorities in advance to advise them of this.

However, if you feel you may be entitled and have not been notified, for more information click here: 

2-year-old funding

Funding and Payment Choices

To check your eligibility for all funding and to explore the different methods available for paying for the cost of preschool please click here:

Childcare Choices

Snack Charge and voluntary contribution

Due to the continued increase in costs, we have made the difficult to decision to make a charge of 50p per day for snack. This will be added to your invoice at the start of term. 

We also ask parents to provide us with a voluntary £10 per term contribution to assist with the costs of consumables. 


Any additional hours (or if your child attends before they are 3 and are not eligible for 2-year -old funding) are charged at £6 per hour.

Fees are invoiced each term and are generally non-refundable. We reserve the right to withdraw a child’s place in the event of repeated non-payment of fees or prolonged unexplained absence. If you are having difficulty meeting payments, please come and talk to Charlotte (manager) or Pam (administrator) in confidence.

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