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"I have been incredibly impressed with the preschool. I moved my son here from another setting and he has thrived. I was particularly pleased with the extra effort the preschool made to work with schools to help the children become familiar with their new environments, which will help them settling into school. Charlotte and her team work extremely hard and always put the children first."

"I have been really happy with my child's time at preschool. I could not recommend Aston Clinton Preschool highly enough as an excellent and nurturing place for any child to be. My child has had the very best experience here. I'm really sad to have to leave the setting behind. The staff are all excellent and should be very proud of themselves."

"I am really happy. It's nice to feel relaxed and that my daughter in in completely capable hands"


"I think the opportunities that preschool provides to my daughter have been invaluable. Her confidence has developed and soared since starting in September and we are looking forward to seeing how that further develops next year in preparation for school."

"I am 100% happy with my child's experience at preschool. The staff are outstanding and always happy, as are the children in their care."

My twin girls did not attend here for long, but their stay was outstanding, you would have thought they were part of the furniture they were so welcome. I would highly recommend any parent sending their children here, the reassurance and trust you need when leaving your children in someone else’s care at this age is so hard. The staff here made that the easiest thing I did as I felt so reassured with my girls in the preschool. One of my daughters has a disability and she was made to feel completely equal and supported by events run by the setting. I could not have asked for a better start in life for them than here.

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